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Frequently Asked Questions

Does acupuncture hurt ?


Normally the treatments do not produce any pain or discomfort. These treatments are completely safe and have no side effects.

How does acupuncture works ?


Acupuncture stimulate the production of the endorphins by the body. They are a kind of natural pain killer promoting a general relaxation and helping the self-healing.

Is there a risk of infection ?


There is no risk of infection because the needles are perfectly sterilized and disposable (single-use).

Is there any incompatibilities with other treatments ?


Acupuncture works in complementarity with other medical treatments, do not replace them, and can significantly help in healing or relieving the health problems.

How many treatments are needed ?


There is no one answer to this question. It depends on the nature of the disease being treated and the individual response to the treatment. Each person is different and therefore does not react the same way. For example, some conditions may present an improvement after just one session, while others require more, and the frequency of the sessions can be modified according to the improvement. In chronic cases, treatment reminders will be considered every few months in order to keep the best level of improvement.

Are the costs covered ?



The New Brunswick health insurance plan does not cover acupuncture treatments. However, most private insurance plans cover much of the costs of the treaments.

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